Workshop On Single-Molecule Protein Folding

Workshop On Single-Molecule Protein Folding

Workshop On Single-Molecule Protein Folding

Workshop on single-molecule protein folding  03/2023 in Antholz, Italy

The Single Molecule Folding Workshop took place from the 13th to the 17th of March 2023 and was organized as a joint event by Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Slovakia (UPJS) and Technical University of Munich, Germany (TUM) in Antholz, Italy.

The workshop aimed to bring together experts in the field to discuss various topics and aspects related to single-molecule protein folding. As outlined in the initial project proposal, the workshop sought to facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster collaboration among participants. The 5-day workshop was dedicated to discussing the latest advancements in single-molecule protein folding research and applied areas. Participants included partners from the organizing institutions as well as invited specialists from external organizations. The discussions covered recent prospects and perspectives in single-molecule protein biophysics, with a particular focus on advancements in related instrumentation and scientific areas. Key topics explored during the workshop included interactions within biological systems, protein-protein mechanics, and the construction and design of optical tweezers and microfluidic devices. Overall, the Single Molecule Folding Workshop was a successful event that helped to enhance collaboration among participants, share valuable insights, and further advance the field of single-molecule protein folding. Through the exchange of ideas and networking opportunities provided, attendees were able to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and contribute to the development of cutting-edge research in this area.


Fig. 1.  Prof. Rief explaining data analysis process


Fig. 2.  RNDr. Michal Gala, PhD student at UPJS presents his research


Fig. 3. Assoc. prof. Gabriel Zoldak, DrSc describes the current situation in Slovakian research area and future plans.


Fig. 4. Prof. Rief and assoc. prof. Zoldak, Antholz Italy

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