RNDr. Róbert Seliga, PhD.


Current positions:

  • Laboratory manager of Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences


  • 2000 – 2005:  MSc. study in Biochemistry – P. J. Safarik University in Kosice
  • 2007 – 2013:  Ph.D. study in Pharmacology – P. J. Safarik University in Kosice
Research interests:
  • DNA-ligand interactions
  • New potential antitumor agents screening
  • In vitro diagnostics of influenza viruses



University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Kosice, Faculty of Natural Sciences

2007-2013 PhD. Study in Pharmacology, Medical Faculty
2000-2005 MSc. Study in Biochemistry

Exams taken: Clinical biochemistry, Biochemistry
2013 “PhD.“ – Doctoral dissertation exam in Pharmacology, Medical Faculty
2009 “RNDr.“ – Doctoral rigorous exam in Biochemistry
2005 “MSc.“ – Masters exam in Biochemistry
2003 “Bsc.“ – Bachelor exam in Chemistry

1996-2000 High school St. Thomas Aquinas in Kosice

Employment history:

2018-present Laboratory manager of Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences, Technological and Innovation Park of P. J. Safarik University in Kosice

2012-2018 Regional authority of public health in Kosice, Dept. Of medical microbiology, Deputy head – Division of bacteriology, bioterrorism and molecular biology (diagnostics of influenza viruses)

Practical laboratory skills:

– UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy (DNA-ligand interactions study)
– Molecular biology methods (isolation of DNA and RNA, ELFO)
– Cultivation and working with bacterial cultures and human cancer lines (MTT assay)
– PCR (real time, RT-PCR)

Pedagogical activities:

2010-2011 Practicum of pharmacology – dentistry medicine
2008-2010 Practicum of pharmacology – bachelors
2005-2007 Practicum of biochemistry nucleid acids II


Slovak, English – intermediate


automobilism, audio-video, music, science and research

Time-resolved imaging of oxygen consumption in cancer cells during photo-dynamic therapy,  Slovak Grant Agency – VEGA 1/0156/18 (2018-2020). Co-investigator.

Seliga R., Pilatova M., Sarissky M., Viglasky V., Walko M., Mojzis J., Novel naphthalimide polyamine derivatives as potential antitumor agents, Molecular Biology Reports 40, 2013, 4129–4137.

Pilatova M., Ivanova L., Kutschy P., Varinska L., Saxunova L., Repovska M., Sarissky M., Seliga R., Mirossay L., Mojzis J., In vitro toxicity of camalexin derivatives in human cancer and non-cancer cells, Toxicology in Vitro 27, 2013, 939–944.

6 non-current publications, 2 unpublished works