Dr. Veronika Huntošová, PhD.

Dr. Veronika Huntosova, PhD (34) (f), scientific researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences is a specialist in time-resolved spectroscopic and imaging techniques, detection of tissue oxygenation and metabolic changes, cancer photo-detection and photo-treatment. She obtained double PhD degree in Biophysics at P.J. Safarik University in Kosice, Slovakia and Dr. of P. and M. Curie University Paris 6, France (2010). She spent two years as a post-doc at internationally recognized scientific institution: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland (2011–3). Dr. Huntosova has published 14 peer-reviewed articles (9 of them is the first author). These papers have been cited more than 60 times (excluding auto-citations). She was a principal investigator of 1 international project (Sciex-NMSch, Switzerland), principal investigator of 2 national project at University level (1 Lpp Slovak Research and Development Agency, 1 VVGS, UPJS Kosice, Slovakia), co-investigator of international projects (1 CELIM EU, 1 PICS, CNRS France, 1 Swiss National Science Foundation) and national projects (1 APVV, 1 VEGA). Dr. Huntosova has been honored by several awards: Slovak Biophysical Society award for young investigator (2016), 2 x the best oral or poster presentation at international congresses (1 CSEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland (2011), 1 International Union of Photobiology, Cordoba, Argentina (2014)), a honourable mention of the president of Faculty of Science of UPJS in Kosice (2006), Slovak literary found award for excellent student scientific work (2006), 1st place in the Biophysical and Biomedical section at the National Student Scientific Conference in Bratislava (2006), 2nd place in Biochemical section at Student Scientific Conference in Košice (2006). She also obtained grant supports from European Society for Photobiology (2× ESP) and Czech-Slovak woman foundation for young women in science.