About Us

Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences

Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences (CIB) is a co-founder of Technological and Innovative Park at P.J. Safarik University (TIP) ( http://www.upjs.sk/pracoviska/tip/ ).

The research of CIB is interdisciplinary (including biophysics, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and biomedicine) and is oriented to scientific fields in targeted therapy of cancerous diseases, protein engineering and bioenergetics. The scientific approaches applied to manage these topics include experimental and computational techniques, which are implemented in studies at molecular (interactions of drugs with biomacromolecules, the study of drug transporters with lipoproteins origin), cellular (the study of signaling pathways in apoptosis) and in vivo (the study of therapy efficacy in animal models) levels. For this purpose the complex of modern laboratories was built with support of CELIM project and the grants from structural funds.

CIB is a member of European network for bio-imaging: EurobioImaging ( http://www.eurobioimaging.eu/ ) since November 2015.

The main scientific objectives:

(i) Targeted cancer therapy – nanomedical engineering
(ii) Protein engineering – structural biology
(iii) Bioenergetics – oxidative stress and aging

CIB is open to collaboration with other teams and institutions.
Presently, CIB collaborates with:
academic institutions:
• University of Zurich, Switzerland (group of Prof. A. Plückthun),
• EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland (Prof. H. Van der Berg, Dr. Georges Wagnieres),
• IEM CSIC Madrid, Spain (Dr. S. Sánchez-Cortés),
• Paris 6 University, France (Dr. F. Sureau).

high-tech industry and transfer of technology in the frame of small and medium enterprises (SMEs):
• SAFTRA photonics s.r.o..